Wednesday, January 17, 2007


WELL, MAMI LEFT for Puerto Rico on January 9th – at the crack of dawn I might add! But it’s all good. I am missing her already, but I’m kind of glad to get back to my routine (throwing my clothes wherever without her telling me to pick them up, coming and going as I please, eating what I want without feeling guilty, etc.). I AM thankful for all that she did while she was here and even though I thanked her, I’m going to write and let her know. I’ll see her again in July when I go for my niece’s wedding.

MY GRANMA’S GONE too; she was happy to leave. She was wrapped up in the van like it was 30 below, but you know, she’s got that Puerto Rico blood. I know she’s going to be glad when she finally gets to her house in Ponce.

I FINALLY GOT my grant money from the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture—WHOO-HOO! I have to make it last ‘til November and spend it only on book-related stuff (that's going to be hard). Ask me if I’ve been editing or researching NEGRITA MEANS LOVE. Of course not.

THE SPRING SEMESTER started two weeks ago; we’ve already had a holiday (MLK Day). I’m slowly working on my research paper, doing the data analysis. I had seven participants and I haven’t done any interviews yet. I did start editing my next publishing venture: HUMBOLDT PARK DAYS. I have to get my butt is gear ‘cause the semester’s going to get busy quick. I don’t want to get into that pattern where I have so many things to do, I don’t know where to begin. My THINGS TO DO list is so full… I have to keep telling myself, focus, caramba, focus…


At January 21, 2007 10:09 AM, Blogger Cherlyn Michaels said...

Hey Lady! I know the pressure you're feeling. Believe me! Pace yourself, take time to breathe, and just work through that to do list. You'll get through it. Best to you this semester.


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