Friday, February 08, 2008


Last October 2007, I was invited to a book club reading and discussion of Choose Me by the Women of Integrity Book Club. The book club consists of a group of women who meet at Mt. Eagle Baptist Church on Chicago's South Side, headed by the church's First Lady, E'Lisa Hooks. They meet quarterly and always choose an inspirational book with messages relevant to their godly lives.

Approximately 20 women showed up at the October 9 reading/discussion. The Women of Integrity Book Club provided me with good and bad comments – mostly good. We shared our experiences with temptations of the flesh and current and past relationships. I enjoyed the experience and didn’t take the negative comments at heart. It was difficult to keep quiet, though, especially when everyone was so eager to speak. They had a two-page list of discussion questions ready (great questions!) and I felt blessed and renewed in my path to remain celibate. There was an array of food available & it was hard to wait until after the discussion to eat. After the discussion and dinner, I signed their books and we took pictures (for some reason, my sister only took the one posted here with my camera; she had more in her camera).

I’ve been trying to connect with Latina book clubs, but so far, I’ve been unsuccessful. Recently though, I got an invitation to join the Las Comadres on-line Book Club, which is going to start in March. Hopefully, my book will be selected (hint, hint).


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