Tuesday, August 09, 2005


[The display at the University of Chicago Bookstore, 7/22/2005]

DESPITE HALF OF the attendees being late (as I predicted), the book launch party went well at the University of Chicago Bookstore. They had an entire display dedicated to my book (above), with an informational flyer about Choose Me. There was a student reporter covering the story for the U of C newspaper writing down my every word as if waiting for me to say something profound (I didn’t). With the exception of a co-worker of my sister’s, there was only one other person in the audience whom I didn’t know. She seemed to come specifically because of the flyer (or just out of curiosity). Afterwards, she wished me well in my future writing career (she didn't buy a book; which was fine ‘cause she could’ve just slipped out without saying anything). My friend, Lindsay, showed up even though she had already come to one of the first drop-bys, and had already purchased the book, AND she biked all the way from the Loop (everyone kept saying “now that’s your true friend”). The coordinator from the domestic violence agency where I volunteer showed up.

THE REST OF the audience was comprised of my family; from my favorite aunt, Minguita, to the newest addition, Alfred William III (poor thing, he was named after his father & grandfather) a.k.a. Punkin-Seed (his father’s nickname is Punkin—get it?), who was born on the 4th of July (10 lbs 2 oz). Even Janet & Carlos (my brother & sister on my dad’s side) came, with five minutes to spare. Not only did my brother buy 2 books, but his son’s godfather, whom he brought, bought one also. (Had my entire family shown up, we would have exceeded the occupancy & noise regulations. It was bad enough when Alfred III started testing his lungs & my aunt started speaking like a stereotypical Hispanic.) Most everyone in my family sees the South Side as a separate city.

I SOLD A few books including one to the cashier (for her mother) who had been left in charge after the store manager had to leave. The manager also asked me to leave 5 autographed copies. People told me I did well, but I still felt like I “shoulda-woulda” said this or that; I feel like I say something different every time & I'm not consistent. I WAS able to joke & laugh more easily since my smart-aleck daughter & sisters kept making cracks.

[I have to apologize for the lateness of this blog. Originally wrote it on July 27 but I was trying to download my newest cousin's photo (he's so cute!) but for some reason, the blog wouldn't cooperate.]


At August 16, 2005 10:19 PM, Blogger dorrie said...

I love the book cover, pretty display!

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