Thursday, February 09, 2006

Happy (Belated) Holidays, etc.

Happy (Belated) Holidays, Happy New Year & Happy Three Kings’ Day!
The holidays came and went and I’m glad they quickly passed. No, I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions (don’t believe in them); I’m just vowing to take each day at a time, and “be glad in it.” Although we never celebrated Three Kings’ Day (traditional holiday celebrating in many Latino countries commemorating the three kings who visited Christ, celebrated on January 6) in my family, I remember my mother telling me about her childhood celebrations of the holiday. She and her brothers and sisters would put their shoes filled with hay underneath their bed (they all slept in one bed). Traditionally, the hay was supposed to eaten by the camels (sort of like Santa eating the milk & cookies) and replaced with candy and toys, but because my mother’s family was so poor, they would usually wake up to find very little, sometimes an orange, sometimes nothing. Now, whenever I hear mention of the holiday, this is the image that comes to mind.

(Oh, by the way, the picture above has nothing to do with the holidays, it's just the current wallpaper on my computer. When I wrote the character of Adam, I had this picture of what he looked like in my mind, but when I saw this guy, whose name is Jason Mamoa, it brought Adam to life. I think he looks very biblical, lion-like and he would be a perfect Adam -- if Choose Me is ever made into a movie. Not to mention, he's not bad to look at. And I am not lusting, just looking...)


At February 09, 2006 4:27 PM, Blogger Cheri said...

I think he's too model handsome to be Adam. In my head, Adam was more like 'world-weary' good-looking. Maybe like Richard Roundtree with dreads or somebody like that. Anyway, it's not like you asked my opinion anyway. We haven't 'done' the Christmas presents part in a couple of years, and that's taken the pressure out of the holidays for me. Glad to see you got a minute to post...
;-) Cheri

At February 13, 2006 12:29 PM, Blogger LaEquis said...

Well, you know I always appreciate your input. I guess I always imagined Adam light-skinned, gold-toned, lighter than Eva (though the cover artist failed to capture my imagination) to stress the correlation between both ethnic groups, to emphasize that AfroLatinos come in all shades (not just the "brown" they all claim to be) just like African-Americans.

I did picture him a little older, but just as handsome. Perhaps by the time the movie comes out, Mr. Mamoa will have aged gracefully (LOL).



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