Tuesday, January 25, 2011


My grandnephew (ask him if I hate kids)

SO I'M WORKING on a couple of children's books. Those who know me (or think they know me) are probably cocking an eyebrow, doing a double-take, or saying "DOH!" "But you hate kids!" someone said when I told him of my latest project. I don't know how that rumor got started but let me clarify things: I. Do. NOT. Hate. Kids. Just because I don't like to hear them whine & cry -- does not mean I hate kids. Just because I don't like when they misbehave and throw tantrums in public places -- does not mean I hate kids. Just because I hold someone's child for a little bit -- until it starts to cry -- does not mean I hate kids. Just because I tell my daughter I'm not going to babysit her child (when she has one) while she goes out partying -- does not mean I hate kids. I like kids.

SO NOW THAT I've clarified matters...I've always wanted to write a children's book. I started one about a year ago, about a girl who complains about everything in her life until her grandmother tells her about her impoverished childhood and makes her thankful for what she has. I never finished it.

A COUPLE OF days ago, my sister, who is a teacher and budding children's author, sent me a link (http://www.naesp.org/) about a writing contest. So it got my creative juices going. We met at Panera's & did some brainstorming. A few years ago, she had started a children's book about a girl who lost her Gulf-War-soldier mother. I started writing another girl/grandma book called "Zariah's Room" about a girl who loves her bedroom -- until she has to share it with her grandmother who comes to stay with her family. Then I got another idea for another book, about a boy who is going to his great-great-grandmother's 100th birthday entitled: "Great-great-Grandma's 100 Today!" I'm dedicating it to my future yet-to-born grandchildren.

I HAVE TO keep myself busy to keep from going crazy and unemployed. I can't believe this is Week 7. All I need to do is write the new Harry-Potter-Twilight and I'm set.


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