Thursday, February 23, 2006


THINGS IN MY life have been, as usual, hectic, BUT I’m too tired to go into that now...

Yesterday morning, I went to Dunkin’ Donuts to get a cup of coffee. (What I really wanted was to go to Starbucks for a “Grande Soy Latte” – man, I never thought I’d be one of THOSE people, you know the kind, the ones who ask for a cup of coffee like they’re throwing out famous peoples’ names or namebrands.) Anyway, even though I woke up too early (despite taking two sleeping pills last night; still not sleeping well by the way), I procrastinated so much that by the time I had showered, picked out my outfit for the day, and grabbed my things (and answering three calls on my cell), I left the house at the usual time, instead of being early. So I couldn’t drive the extra two miles to the nearest Starbucks (where there is no parking available and I got a ticket the last time I went...but, I digress)

Back to Dunkin’ Donuts... As I stood in one of two lines, five customers deep (I had already glanced at the lines through the glass windows so I promised myself I would not be impatient), this woman charges in through the door, shouting, “Excuse me! Excuse me!” (very rudely, I may add). She makes her way in between both lines (not an easy feat given her girth and the minimal aisle in between) and loudly proclaims that she ordered a ham & cheese croissant & never got it; she left her daughter in line waiting for it. The counter girl (I’m not sure what they’re called) immediately retorts, “I had two customers waiting.” The woman replies: “I ordered it ten minutes ago and because you couldn’t make up your mind who was going to make the sandwich, now I’m going to be late for work.” (Meanwhile, her poor daughter, who looked about 10, was looking bewildered, and somewhat scared I may add.) The counter girl retorts her excuse (even louder). “That’s why I stopped coming here,” the woman continues on her rant. She then turns to her rage toward her daughter, “You got to open your mouth!”

In defense of the female customer, I understand her frustration. Many mornings, little incidents like this have made me lose my temper. It always seemed to happen on one of those mornings when EVERYTHING went wrong: when I slept past the alarm, when I couldn’t find anything clean to wear, when my car wouldn’t start, etc. (I could go on and on... but I won’t.) I have been that woman. But yesterday morning, witnessing what I must look like when I’m blowing things out of proportion, exploding in public and taking it out on the person who just happened to prick that last nerve, I vowed to be more cognizant to whom I direct my anger, especially in public. For once, I was glad I wasn’t that woman.

On the DJ (Day Job)... The realities of the job are beginning to rear their ugly heads. There has been some tension in the department, terminations of long-term employees in other departments, and client complaints, which I’ve had to deal with. I’ve celebrated my fourth month, but it seems much longer, so what does that tell you.

On Awards/Scholarships Applied For... I did not get either of the awards I applied for, which was very disappointing, but I’ve chalked it up to it “not meant to be.” I WAS a finalist (out of 400 original applicants) in one of them so I guess that means something (don’t it?). Sometimes these organizations have hidden agendas we naïve authors are not privy to. Whatever.

On My Ongoing Medical Issues... I’m happy to say my breakouts have alleviated considerably. Once again, I look normal, though my facial skin tone is uneven from all the breakouts; now I feel like I’m in need of a chemical peel... or something. I went to a dermatologist (finally) & I was prescribed five (yes, FIVE!) different medications, including an antibiotic for the supposed infection on my legs. Although I don’t have an aversion to taking medicines (like my medication-phobic mother), I have a thing about using too many medications; needless to say, I haven’t filled the prescriptions. On the plus side, I have lost weight since I left my old job, and I was even down 1 lb. from my last doctor’s visit a month ago. On the down side, I had bloodwork done & my lipids (cholesterol, triglycerides) are not so hot & my doc wants me to “eat better.” [Don’t I get any cool points for having a normal glucose despite all the sugar I consume every day?] I know I have to cut down on eating out, but I don’t want to cook—I ABHOR cooking. And I don’t want to eat salads, or any of that stuff that entails “eating better”—but alas, I have no choice. I’m not getting any younger. And like I said earlier, I’m still waking up in the middle of the night, unable to go back to sleep until just when my alarm is about to go off... Everyone has all these remedies: my mom wants me to boil the bottom (stem?) of a head of lettuce (uh, can we say, yuck) and drink it; the maintenance guy at work says to try this tea; another co-worker swears on this other tea... at this point, I’ll try anything.

On My Continuing Book Promotion... I got an invitation from a Chicago Public School, James Monroe, about participating in their Read-A-Thon on February 24th as an “African American Author.” (My uncle happens to be a vice principal there.) The school is 90% Hispanic, about 12% African American and I guess they’re celebrating African American History Month. Okay, I know, “technically-speaking,” I’m not African American. But I have African roots, and I look “African,” evidenced by the fact that not a day goes by when some Latino passes my office and hesitantly looks in and inquires with a cautious voice, “Jew es-speak Es-Spanish?” (Don’t get me started!) Anyway, I’ll be visiting classrooms and talking about being an author. It sounds like it's going to be fun.


At April 07, 2006 10:34 AM, Blogger La Otra said...

It's Angie (from a while ago - the "hair" posts)... I just had to say LOL on this one. I can just SOOOO relate to:

"...some Latino passes my office and hesitantly looks in and inquires with a cautious voice, “Jew es-speak Es-Spanish?” ..."

I'm glad the reading at Monroe went well. I'm proud of ya & don't even know ya!


At April 07, 2006 12:36 PM, Blogger LaEquis said...

Hey Angie/NU Alum,
How ya been? Long time no hear from. Hope all is good.

I've come up with the perfect response to this question: "I don't know if 'Jews speak Spanish,' but I do" (LOL).



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