Saturday, May 27, 2006


So yesterday, I'm sitting at my desk at work, trying to get myself organized, trying to multi-task like I'm supposed to when I get a call from the 212 area code. Right away, I know it's New York. I got people in NY but not in this particular area code so I know it's got to be business: either the agent I submitted ITPIHOY or the publisher who sent me the e-mail. Sure enough, it was the editor at the publishing company who sent the e-mail with the subject line "NY PUBLISHER SEEKS LATIN WRITERS." We talked for a little bit and I told her about the submission to the literary agency, my journey into self-publishing, and my recent trip to Miami (more on that later). Turns out the agent is a friend of hers -- small world. She's Latina and she's so cool, she feels like family, or a long-lost amiga.

All things happen for a reason.


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